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Modern Mathematics: An Introduction to 2007-08 Programs at MSRI October 25, 2006 - October 26, 2006
Registration Deadline: October 24, 2006 over 16 years ago
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Location: at the Annual SACNAS Conference, Tampa Convention Center
Organizers Ricardo Cortez, Hugo Rossi, Ivelisse Rubio

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This workshop is to be held at The Tampa Marriott Waterside Hotel & Marina located at 700 S. Florida Avenue, Tampa, Florida 33602, (813) 221-4900 This is the fifth of a series of workshops sponsored by the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute on contemporary research in mathematics, this time focusing on the structure and representation of groups: analytical, combinatorial, computational and geometric. All presentations will be expository, intended for mathematical scientists and students not necessarily working in these areas, but interested in learning about new developments and the possibility of spending some time at MSRI. Discussions about MSRI programs will include special lectures, targeting a broad audience of mathematical scientists including undergraduate and graduate students as well as different ways to be involved in the upcoming programs. This workshop will directly precede the annual meeting of the Society for the Advancement of Chicano and Native American Scientists. SACNAS members are strongly encouraged to take part in this workshop; and conversely, we anticipate that many workshop participants will remain for the annual meeting. For information on the SACNAS meeting go to www.sacnas.org. Invited Speakers Include: Reinhard Laubenbacher (Virginia Bioinformatics Institute), Jon McCammond (University of California, Santa Barbara), Arun Ram (University of Wisconsin-Madison ) , Jon Carlson (University of Georgia), Alan Reid (University of Texas, Austin), Bhama Srinivasan (University of Illinois, Chicago). SCHEDULE: Wednesday, October 25 at the Marriott-Waterside, Room 8 (3rd floor)   4:00-  4:30 pm Registration   4:30-  5:15 pm Jon McCammond: The Intrinsic Geometry of Groups   5:30-  6:15 pm Arun Ram: Combinatorial Representation Theory   6:30-  8:00 pm Dinner Thursday, October 26 at the Marriott-Waterside, Rooms 5 & 6 (2nd floor)   9:15-10:00 Jon Carlson: Representations of Finite Groups 10:00-10:30 Introduction to MSRI 11:00-11:45 Reinhard Laubenbacher: Undergraduate Colloquium: Complex mathematical models in systems biology 11:45-  1:00 Lunch in Salon Rooms 1-3   1:00-  1:45 Alan Reid: Hyperbolic geometry and group theory   2:15-  3:00 Bhama Srinivasan: Colloquium: Where’s the Proof? Thursday, October 26 at the Marriott-Waterside, Room 9-10 (3rd floor)   1:00-  3:00 Reinhard Laubenbacher: Undergraduate mini-course in Systems Biology The Marriott-Waterside is located at 700 S. Florida Avenue, Tampa, Florida 33602, (813) 221-4900.
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