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In Memoriam: Robert "Bob" Moses

MSRI mourns the passing of U.S. civil rights leader and math educator Robert "Bob" Parris Moses. MSRI Director David Eisenbud shares his reflections on the influence that Bob Moses had on our institute's work towards a more welcoming and inclusive mathematics community for all ages:

I am deeply sad to mark the passing of a great leader, Bob Moses. He was a hero of the civil rights movement in Mississippi and a tireless crusader to recognize the availability of good teaching in general, and good teaching of algebra in particular, as a civil right, of crucial importance in our day. I met Bob when he agreed to join MSRI's Educational Advisory Committee many years ago. He spoke often at our Critical Issues in Mathematics Education meetings, always with the voice of a prophet and deeply thought ideas. Bob's death leaves a void that can never be filled, but his influence will continue in many areas. May the seeds that Bob planted prosper through the years!

A number of tributes to Bob Moses' life and legacy in civil rights and mathematics education are linked below.

For more information about his work:

Photo: Bob Moses at MSRI's Critical Issues in Mathematics Education (CIME) workshop on "The Mathematical Knowledge For Teaching (K-8): Why, What And How?", May 2005.