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Victoria Xia, Gabby Studt compete in math Olympiad

Two proud mothers skyped two accomplished daughters Monday in China. In fact, both girls medaled.

Victoria Xia of Vienna and Gabby Studt of Silver Spring, both 16, were on the U.S team of eight competing over the weekend at an international Girls Math Olympiad in China against 204 girls from 9 other countries.

“I think the downside is that there aren't more girls that are encouraged to go into math,” says Gabby’s mother Lenore Studt. “I do feel that our girls are continuing to lead the way.”

Sent by the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute in Berkley, the girls tackled mind-boggling math problems.

Both girls have been competing -- and winning -- since middle school.

This year, Gabby is bringing home a bronze medal while Victoria won gold.  Victoria, who could add double digits in her head at age 4, won a gold medal last year too.

“We never really cared if she wins or loses,” says Victoria’s mother Frances Shi. “The most important thing is to have fun.”