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If you are interested in receiving news from MSRI, you can subscribe to any of our email lists here. For questions about email newsletters, please contact communications@msri.org. For the Emissary biannual newsletter, you can view the archive of all Emissary newsletters here. (Subscribers to MSRI's Monthly Email Newsletter will receive a digital copy of the Emissary.)

Subscribe to the MSRI Monthly Email Newsletter

The MSRI Monthly newsletter is sent once per month by email (via Mailchimp). It contains brief updates on MSRI scientific and outreach news as well as event listings, application deadlines, Emissary newsletter releases, and other topics of general interest. View the archive of all newsletters here.

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MSRI Public Events Newsletters

These email newsletters focus on public events at MSRI or hosted by the Institute around the U.S.

Subscribe to the MSRI Public Announcements List

This email list is sent to invite subscribers to MSRI-sponsored special events (particularly in the Bay Area of California), as well as general announcements of interest. View the archive of all public announcements here.

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This list is for weekly information on mathematics lectures at MSRI or UC Berkeley which are open to the public.

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The National Math Festival is organized by MSRI in cooperation with the Institute for Advanced Study (IAS) and the National Museum of Mathematics (MoMath). For occasional email updates and announcements about speakers, programs, and more as the festival date approaches, subscribe to this list.

Press & Media

Press Releases

View an archive of MSRI press releases and media advisories.

MSRI in the Media

Read stories from local, national and international media that feature MSRI in coverage about the Institute’s scientific programs, people, educational outreach, and mathematics-related public events.

Journalist in Residence Program

From 1998 to 2004 MSRI hosted a series of journalists for a semester each. Here are links to their writing.