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MSRI Governance

Governance Structure

MSRI is a non-profit organization governed by a Board of Trustees consisting of up to 35 elected members and seven ex-officio members: the Director of the Institute, the Deputy Director, the Chair of the Committee of Academic Sponsors, the co-Chairs of the Human Resources Advisory Committee and the co-Chairs of the Scientific Advisory Committee. The Board elects its members; candidates are nominated by the Committee of Academic Sponsors and the Board itself and serve four-year terms. The Board has a Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer, each serving three-year terms, as well as a Steering Committee made up of the Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Chair of the Committee of Academic Sponsors, Chair of the Scientific Advisory Committee, and the Director and Deputy Director of the Institute. The Board also has a Finance Committee, chaired by the Treasurer. The Board normally meets once a year, and its Steering Committee and Finance Committee usually meet twice a year. The Board of Trustees forms other committees as occasion demands. The current committees include: Audit, Development, Education, Finance, Investment, Public Understanding, Steering, and Trustees.

MSRI's research programs are governed by the Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC). The SAC meets twice a year in person, a total of four full days, and once a year via telephone. Its ten regular members serve four-year terms and are elected by the Board of Trustees. The Director and Deputy Director are ex officio members. The SAC selects and plans the Institute's programs and works with the organizers of these programs on selection of key participants.

The Human Resources Advisory Committee (HRAC) augments the SAC's care for human resources issues. Its ten members help recruit participants from under-represented groups and develop new MSRI activities to promote these groups' involvement in the mathematical sciences. In addition, it advises on selection of special programs aimed at under-represented groups (such as the Blackwell-Tapia Prize and Conference) and aids MSRI in the evaluation of its programs and diversity efforts. The Board of Trustees elects the HRAC members. The Director and Deputy Director serve as ex officio members. Annually, the HRAC meets once a year in person and three times by telephone.

Over 100 universities form the Committee of Academic Sponsors (CAS). These include most of the top research universities in the United States. Academic Sponsors provide an interface between MSRI and the mathematical community. They participate in MSRI governance and take part (at MSRI's expense) in a general meeting with the other sponsors and trustees each year for this purpose. MSRI helps support visits by members to sponsoring institutions. Sponsors are offered some financial backing of conferences at sponsoring institutions. Perhaps most important: An Academic Sponsor can send up to 4 graduate students to MSRI Summer Graduate Schools each year at MSRI's expense.  

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