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Personal Profile of Professor Omayra Y Ortega

Professor Omayra Y Ortega
Associate Professor
Department of Mathematics

Home Page: https://www.omayraortega.com

ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0001-5649-102X

MSRI Program:
Algorithms, Fairness, and Equity
Visit Dates:
August 22, 2023 - December 15, 2023
Dr. Omayra Ortega is an associate professor of mathematics & statistics at Sonoma State University in Sonoma County, California. She earned her Ph.D. (2008) and an M.S. (2005) in applied mathematics and computational sciences from the University of Iowa, where she also was awarded her Masters of Public Health. She earned a B.A. in music and in pure mathematics from Pomona College in 2001. Dr. Ortega has served on the Board of Directors of the National Association of Mathematicians (NAM) since 2017 and has served as the President of NAM since 2021. Her scholarly interests reflect her expertise in mathematics: mathematical and computational biology, mathematical epidemiology in developing countries, infectious disease epidemiology, and the participation of women and minorities in sciences. Dr. Ortega is currently the President of the National Association of Mathematicians Inc. (NAM), a non-profit professional organization in the mathematical sciences with a mission and purpose of promoting excellence in the mathematical sciences and promoting the mathematical development of all underrepresented minorities. In her free time Dr. Ortega enjoys the great outdoors, roller skating and the fiber arts.
  1. Workshop [Hybrid Workshop] Critical Issues in Mathematics Education 2022: Initiating, Sustaining, and Researching Mathematics Department Transformation of Introductory Courses for STEM Majors

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    Mar 17, 2022
    04:15 PM - 05:30 PM
      Perspectives on Professional Development: Reflections and Lessons Across Contexts
    Stephanie Bohbot (High School of Telecommunication Arts and Technology), Carrie Diaz Eaton (Bates College), Ricardo Esttrada (High School of Sports Management), Estrella Johnson (Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University), Omayra Ortega (Sonoma State University)
  2. Workshop Blackwell Tapia Conference 2021

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    Nov 20, 2021
    11:45 AM - 12:35 PM
      Things that Used to be Strange Are Familiar Now: Reflections on the Inevitable Evolution of Pedagogy & Scholarship
    Omayra Ortega (Sonoma State University)